Green Tea and Lemongrass Concrete 8 oz. Candle

Brand MacBailey
SKU: MB202

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Green Tea and Lemongrass Concrete 8 oz. Candle

Product Details

Please note this candle has a two week lead time.

Case Quantity: 4

MSRP: $24.00

Selling Tips:
- 40 hour burn time
- Made with 100% natural soy wax (zero additives)
- Made from hand-cast concrete
- Vessel is perfect to use as a catch-all or succulent planter once the candle is finished

    The bright and natural smelling Green Tea and Lemongrass fragrance begins with a top note of Valencia orange, bergamot tea and plum wine and is finished with jasmine, violet, lavender, and orange flowers. The dry down is a clean citrus musk. Vessels are finished with a water-based sealant and remain cool to the touch when lit.

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