J. Stark Home

“I wish to be a member of a new generation of makers that embrace the past and believe hard work, hand-craft, and being genuine are the bonds that strengthen humanity.”

Erik Holmberg, creator of J. Stark and J. Stark Home, had the desire to create tangible goods by hand with a focus on sourcing materials from the United States. “It’s important to me that the goods are useful and durable first, and that the design and materials used in their construction give the goods an authentic and timeless aesthetic,” says Holmberg. By incorporating only the highest quality materials into his designs, Holmberg has developed an extraordinary line of goods, all of which have been made to stand the test of time. J. Stark Home, like all Erik’s products, was inspired first by function and then by the quality, durability and duality of the materials used to create it. Each product is meant to be used and lived in, incorporating some non-traditional fabrics into the homeware scene.

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