Our Formatical story started back in 2009, with the creation of our first brand, Rewined. As we traveled the country, sharing our story and meeting so many exceptional merchants, we were encouraged to introduce a second concept to the home & gift market. Inspired by our days selling Rewined candles at our local Charleston Farmers Market, Produce was introduced in 2013. 


The backdrop of our journey is Charleston, SC, a city that is rich in history, beauty and a thriving community of creativity. Fortunate enough to be surrounded by skilled peers in the design community, we wanted to help share their talent with our retail family. So, we sought out some of our local favorites like Jackie Robinson, Lulie Wallace, and Erik Holmberg, and combined their collections with our own Rewined and Produce.

Together, we bring them to you all under the name Formatical. A marketplace, if you will.


Since 2009, our focus has always been our customers. We know, we know, that’s what EVERYONE says. 

Our goal is to become a retailer’s product matchmaker. By studying our retailers, their customers and the market in which we make our livelihood, our aim is to become your source for product recommendations that we feel confident will be part of your “best sellers” list. We’ll continue our mission to seek out new designers and brands to bring you an ever-evolving assortment of products, based on your needs.